To remove a free product banner from ADFS MFA provider and unlock all product features you’ll have to order a license. Licensed adapter allows access for unlimited users when used for organization needs under which license is issued. To order a license please make a payment of 129 GBP for each required adapter(s) and use bellow license request form to submit your details to receive a license. License will be issued within one business day after receiving your payment.

Product license comes with basic product support via e-mail which is valid for next 30 days after license is issued. This can be used to validate a product configuration for your setup.

Request for product(s) improvement please submit using improvement form bellow. Any extra product features which you may need to meet your custom solution requirements we can offer as part of product improvement request. The price always depends on complexity and urgency for delivery. Estimate price can be send you back after submission of improvement request. Any implementations (unless otherwise agreed) become part of future product releases.