My name is Juventas Vijeikis. I’m an experienced Infrastructure Solutions Architect. Recently I had a problem finding a cheap multi-factor authentication solution for Microsoft ADFS servers. I didn’t want to use the user certificate option for free with Microsoft ADFS as it is a costly option to maintain. Most of the solutions which offer one-time password authentication require monthly payments. For those who do not want to enrol in a monthly subscription and want to have a free working solution out of the box, you can use one of the “SecureMFA provider” modules available to download for free. It provides multi-factor authentication (MFA) using a Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP) Algorithm based on RFC6238. This algorithm is used by Microsoft verification, Google Authentication, Symantec VIP and some other providers, so you will be able to use those apps to authenticate when using “SecureMFA OTP provider” as your ADFS MFA solution.